Monday – Miss Casey 4.00-4.45 Pre-Inter Ballet

4.45-5.30 Inter Ballet

5.30-6.15 Pre-Senior Ballet

6.15-6.45 Pointe Prep & Conditioning

6.45-7.45 Senior Ballet

7.45-8.45 Dance Fit

Tuesday – Miss Emma 4.00-4.45 Musical Theatre

4.45-5.30 Inter Jazz

5.30-6.15 Street

6.15-7.15 Senior Jazz

Wednesday – Miss Harriet 4.00-5.00 Junior Tap & Modern

5.00-6.00 Inter Tap & Modern

6.00-7.00 Pre-Senior Tap & Modern

7.00-7.45 Senior Tap

7.45-8.45 Acro Group A

Thursday – Miss Katie 4.00-4.30 Pre-School Ballet

4.30-5.15 Reception Ballet

5.15-6.00 Junior Ballet (Year 1)

6.00-6.45 Primary Ballet (Year 2)

Saturday – Miss Casey 9.30-10.00 Pre-School Ballet

10.00-10.30 Mini Street (3-5 years)

10.30-11.15 Junior Street (6-8 years)

11.15-12.00 Acro Group B

Dance Studio, New Forest Academy, Long Lane, Holbury SO45 2PA


During these unusual times Shine Studios has a superb online provision in place to pop our classes online should we need to at short notice! Our live classes via Zoom, which have received wonderful words of support from local headteachers, allow our dancers to keep up their fundamental dance technique whilst having that important virtual face to face contact with their teachers and dance friends. Guest teachers with incredible credits such as Cats, Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa bring showbiz straight to your living room! Shine Online truly does bring that normality direct to your home when things go a little upside down!


This classical dance style encourages strength, balance, and self-discipline. Popular from a young age, Ballet also greatly encourages confidence as an ideal first dance genre to learn. Through the years our dancers progress to being ‘en pointe,’ every little girl’s dream!

This rhythmic dance style allows dancers to create sounds with metal taps attached to the bottom of tap shoes. Fun, noisy and creative means this style remains ever popular.

From lyrical to upbeat this varied type of dance allows for expression as well as developing flexibily and core stability. A popular style due to the variety of movements that modern dance encompasses.

Fast, creative and funky. Learn everything from routines to show songs to the latest commercial dance routines whilst maintaining and developing essential technique.

One of our most popular classes, learn dance routines to the latest tracks and to freestyle whilst making friends in this high energy class.

Musical Theatre
Develop sound singing technique, theatrical drama expression and dance audition technique with a VIDLA trained vocal coach.

Our Acro classes are perfect for dancers wishing to add tricks to their existing dance skills. Our teachers, qualified with the prestigious Acrobatic Arts, will lead you through the correct ways to safely flip, tumble and tuck your way to a breath taking performance.

Pre-School Classes
Especially designed for little ones our pre-school classes have everything covered from tiny ballerinas to mini funky movers! Convenient lesson times early evening or on Saturday mornings.

Adult Dance
Encompassing a range of dance styles have fun whilst getting fit in  relaxed class especially for adults.

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